Can Felipa Theatre
26th March 2010 19.30h

*Dialogue between DANCE and other artistics languages*

19.45h - Cia. El Taller de Abajo (MAD) "Violeta" - literature
20.15h - Albert Quesada (BCN/BRU)"Solo on Bach & Glenn"- music
20.45h - Helena Lizarí (BCN/País Vasco) "Velocidad Personal" - vídeo
21.25h - Videodanza "RE LOTUS" de Jordi Cabestany (BCN)
21.30h -Antonio Ruz/Daniela Presta (MAD)"No Drama"(v.corta)-design
22.00h - Jordi Mas (BCN) "80 Kg de tierra" - ceramics


DiàlACTS is giving the opportunity to perform in Can Felipa (Barcelona) inside the frame of "Music e-motion Day" on the 26th of March 2010 where we will present 5 choreography pieces selected by DiàlACTS. The selected choreographic pieces will all be based on or derived from other art works from another artistic discipline such as, painting, sculpture, poetry,... and presented next to an exposition of the material used to create the choreographic work.



DiàlACTS, creations in movement, was born from the necessity of the organizers to create a connection between the choreographic language and the language of other artistic disciplines. This performance night will consist of the propositions of 5 choreographs, each of whom will present one choreographic piece which was derived using another discipline or an art piece from another discipline such as plastic arts, architecture, poetry, music,...
DiàlACTS will give a space to present to an audience the choreographic works chosen next to an exposition of the material from which the pieces derived from.
DiàlACTS, creations in movement, proposes a dialogue between different artistic languages, and is directed to professionals, students and enthusiasts from any kind of art branch.